Version 1.7.0 released – 2018-12-03

Version 1.7 introduces a brand new feature: User Portal.

The User Portal is a user facing web based UI where users can manage their tokens and information.

In the v1.7 release, users can log on to check and enroll a TOTP software token (ex. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator). This release accepts only username and password login using LDAP (Active Directory).

The User Portal runs on a separate ip port from the admin UI to make sure the admin UI wont be exposed by misstake. It accepts user logins using HTTP Basic, HTML GET or HTML POST and falls back to a forms based login if no credentials is supplied.

Planned features for the User Portal:

  • Generate new TOTP seed/key.
  • Sync a HOTP soft or hardware token.
  • LDAP (Active Directory) password reset.
  • Require some kind of OTP (SMS, TOTP,/HOTP or grid) to log on to User Portal. This will make it possible to make the portal available externally in a safe way without a reverse proxy.
  • White / blacklist ip's and networks that allows username and password only login.
  • Retreive user GRID token.
  • View login activity.