Alified Authentication Server (AAS) is our flagship software for OTP/MFA.
It gives you high performance with more control and overview of your users authentication activities


  • Available as a virtual appliance for on-premises setup.
  • Support for VMware, Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) and Hyper-V/Azure hypervisors.
  • Support for many different authentication methods.
  • Support for HA setup in active - active clustered mode.
  • No external database required.
  • Extensive logging.
  • Support for individual prompts per RADIUS client.
  • Graphical overview of authentication metrics.
  • Support for>350 authentications/sec. per clustered node.
  • LDAP backend support for users and administration.
  • Web based administration.
  • Admin GUI access via local user or LDAP users / group.
  • Support for automatic and manual enrollments.
  • Support for automatic provision of SMS, Google Authenticator and Grid at first use.
  • Emergency allow of LDAP only access.
  • Log to Syslog.
  • User portal for Authenticator and Grid enrollment.
  • Bulk user import.
  • ADFS Auth Plugin
  • License release by deleting user or automatically remove inactive users.
  • Support for WebAuth backend.
  • Support for user, password and mobile from SQL backend.
  • More to come.

Available authentication methods:

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