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Quick start

To get up and running in a short time, the basic steps is to:

  1. Import the appliance to your hypervisor of choice.
  2. Configure network settings using the hypervisor console ot web based GUI. Don’t forget to configure at least one working NTP server.
  3. Aquire a license from your Alified representative by supplying the HostID of a single or master node.
  4. Apply the license code.
  5. Verify General settings and enter a Appliance LDAP admin group.
  6. Configure LDAP backend settings.
  7. If you want to enable the mail based daemon, Google Authentication code distribution using email and/or administrative email alerts, complete the Mail settings configuration.
  8. Configure and enable at least one RADIUS daemon.
  9. Add one or more RADIUS clients.
  10. Configure at least one user to use the configured authentication method or methods.