Alified AS, new features added and more to come

Development of Alified AS is constantly in progress.

With v1.8.1 we have included Self Service Password Reset.
Passwords can be reset using an existing MFA token or if you based in Sweden using mobile BankID.

Included with the SSPR release, we also included to possibility for users to change existing their LDAP / Active Directory password.
These features can be turned on/off separately.

Release of v1.9 is closing in. the v1.9 release will include a few new exiting features.
- NFC / RFID based authentication for Citrix sessions. Connect, disconnect to your sessions by tapping a RFID tag or card and a personal PIN code.
- Network listeners. Configure different ip / ports that provides the different features of Alified AS. This is released to improve security.
- Custom SSL certificates for all SSL based network listeners.

The NFC / RFID part is a prioritized feature and will shortly support functions as:
- VMware Horizon sessions.
- Tap-n-Stay. Require the card to be present in the reader during the whole session.
- Support for IGEL and Stratodesk clients.

Stay tuned!